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Smart Manufacturing: How Advanced Technology is Changing Gas Compression Applications

The IIoT, or Industrial Internet of Things, has created an increased demand for smarter technology in manufacturing applications that fully integrates with operations and is capable of responding to real-time changing conditions. The speed at which organizations are implementing automation and upgrading production systems has led to a surge in Smart Manufacturing.

But some are still asking ‘what is considered Smart Manufacturing?’

How To Define Smart Manufacturing? 

Smart Manufacturing is about using data and connectivity to help run machinery and facilities more efficiently and responsively. One way it helps is by overcoming challenges faced during equipment maintenance. The Smart Manufacturing Leadership Consortium (SMLC) describes it as “the ability to solve existing and future problems via an open infrastructure that allows solutions to be implemented at the speed of business while creating advantaged value."

Before advanced automation, operators were required to constantly be near their machines during operation, monitoring conditions, unexpected changes, or system failures. Unpredictable maintenance can be tricky and costly, especially during downtime. Smart equipment can deliver real-time data that gives operators considerably more insight into the status of their operation. Smart equipment reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and creates a safer environment for operators. Eliminating the need for constant operator monitoring also creates flexible manufacturing that allows managers to utilize skilled workers in more versatile roles.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing include: 

  • Real-time data
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Increased efficiency
  • Creates a safer environment for operators

What Is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart manufacturing incorporates machine learning, data, and automation, powered by smart machines that can capture and analyze information faster, and safer, than ever before.

For manufacturers using high-pressure fluid power equipment in their operations, smart manufacturing improves workplace safety, higher throughput, control, and accuracy. The value-add of informative data collection through smart manufacturing offers a significant improvement of current operations and should be a top consideration for manufacturers looking to make impactful changes in their operations.

According to a study from the MPI Group:

  • 31% of production processes now incorporate smart devices and embedded intelligence.
  • 34% of manufacturers have plans to incorporate IoT technology into their processes.
  • 32% plan to embed IoT technology into their products.

Smart Gas Compressors 

Smart high-pressure gas compressor systems like Q-Drive, Haskel’s electric servo-driven gas compressor, allow operators to monitor key factors like pressure, temperature, and flow rate, as well as receive system issued alerts, alarms, and maintenance reminders. Thanks to its self-diagnostics, Q-Drive helps processes run faster and safer, while significantly reducing production downtime.

Advancements in Smart Manufacturing have led to many organizations wanting to invest in systems that allow for expansion of automation within their factories for increased efficiencies, and decreased downtime. Learn how newer technologies like Q-Drive can optimize various gas compression, pressurization, and transfer applications.


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