Oxygen Transfer & Pressurization Applications

Clean high purity gas handling for Oxygen or non-Oxygen handling

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Oxygen Transfer and Pressurization


Air driven multi-booster breathing gas systems play an important part in generating high pressure gas for offshore deep sea diving operations. The gases normally pressurized for breathing are Air, Oxygen (O2), Helium (He), or a blend of these gases. Used by Dive Shops to boost medium pressure breathing air from storage tanks to quickly fill high pressure dive tanks to maximum pressure, or to blend nitrox or to fill the storage tanks on rebreathers. For high flow applications, such as saturation systems and diving bells, the gas boosters can be arranged to operate in series and/or in parallel to achieve the required pressure flow combination and minimize the compression ratios.

Fire and Rescue

Gas boosters used to boost pressure from a stored air system to refill Rebreathers, SCBA or SCUBA air cylinders on the fire scene or at the dive site. They enable users to take 150 psi and increase it to 6000 psi for refilling DOT or ASME cascade systems. With the use of a Haskel ScubAmp system, existing air compressor systems can stay within their 200-2500 psi normal operating range. Equalize the pressure between your DOT air cylinders and your SCBA cylinder


Oxygen compressor systems for refilling oxygen cylinders are used by almost every airline in the world for filling on-board emergency cylinders. They are also used by major diving contractors, the military, emergency medical service companies and mine rescue centers.


With a typical breathing bottle charging system in a Mine Rescue Station, the transfer and pressurization of the breathing gases achieved by using a Haskel Air Driven Gas Booster. Haskel’s breathing air boosters and specially cleaned for breathing air service and, if needed, can be cleaned to the higher levels needed for handling pure oxygen. Several life support bottles can be filled simultaneously and a control system is used to control the bottle pressure - up to a maximum of 350 bar (5,000 psi). As bottle technology improves charging pressures rise. This allows mine rescue teams more breathing time to travel to the incident, deal with it and return safely back to the fresh air base or mine surface. The Haskel gas booster is completely safe, very reliable and oil free. There is no danger of it contaminating the breathing gas (or oxygen). The efficiency of the Booster is such that the inlet supply bottle provided by the local gas company can be emptied down to a pressure of about 10 bars (150 psi) with a consequent saving in gas and transportation costs.