Gas Transfer & Pressurization Series: High pressure Nitrogen Gas Transfer and Pressurization for Safe Emergency Shut down

In the oil and gas industry, critical failures are thankfully few and far between, but when they do occur immediate action to shut off the source of leakage is of utmost importance.

Oil and gas production is in remote areas often at sea and any oil spill resulting from a subsea tree failure requires rapid intervention with the best in class tools to contain the spill and prevent possible environmental damage immediately.

For one international oil spill response cooperative, high quality, reliable equipment is essential to their operations. This organization responds to oil spills all over the world delivering rapid response and intervention services. The very nature of this organization’s work is crisis management, which means any products it utilizes in the line of duty must be fully tested and meet rigorous standards. Haskel proudly provides this organization with the superior nitrogen charging equipment it needs to charge up the deployed subsea accumulators needed to provide subsea power in record time to allow intervention to take place.

Partnering with clients to deliver effective, customized high pressure nitrogen gas solutions

One critical action after the identification of the source of the leak, is the containment of the leak itself. In any subsea oil pipeline failure, similar to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the well needs to be capped as quickly as possible to minimize damage to the environment. Today, capping devises exist to perform this action quickly and safely. Power to the operate the capping devise is usually available via high pressure, large volume subsea accumulators. International shipping regulations prevent these items being transported whilst under pressure, so a fast and effective means of charging the accumulators is required at the site.

As a trusted supplier to the oil and gas industry, Haskel provides customized high pressure nitrogen gas units to charge subsea accumulators providing emergency power to subsea capping tools, containing oil spills. Haskel’s nitrogen charging units were chosen because they offer speed, reliability, flexibility, safety and maximum efficiency, all critical needs during oil spill remediation.

Haskel’s nitrogen gas boosters are now poised to help oil spill responders on multiple continents. Providing products that help to make critical environmental missions like these safer and more efficient is a key part of Haskel’s commitment to quality, safety and innovation.

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