Mitigating Risks in Oxygen Gas Booster Begins with Equipment Hygiene: Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Help Ensure Health and Safety

Each year, Haskel delivers hundreds of gas boosters and high pressure systems to customers in the aviation, military and automotive industries who utilize them with a variety of gases, including oxygen. The equipment arrives oxygen cleaned, certified and ready for use from Haskel’s pristine oxygen cleaning facilities which feature ISO 7,000/US 10,000 clean rooms.

Once the oxygen equipment is put into service, however, regular maintenance is critical because the potential for levels of contamination in oxygen boosters and systems increase during operational wear. Operational use of the reciprocating gas booster and the temperature elevation caused by gas compression, together with the gas being boosted mean that the safety aspect of working with high pressure oxygen should be considered of paramount importance. Professional maintenance, re-cleaning and recertification will reduce the risk of oxygen ignition.

Regular maintenance of oxygen equipment helps maintain health and safety standards

To ensure that health and safety standards for oxygen gas usage in boosters and other systems continue to be met, recleaning and recertifying oxygen boosters and high pressure systems on a regular basis is recommended. Haskel’s Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services division provides proactive cleaning services to help customers minimize the risks of oxygen equipment contamination and combustion. The more frequently the oxygen boosters are used, the more frequently they should be serviced by Haskel’s Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services division.

Industrial quality oxygen cleaning facilities and services offer proactive equipment care

Haskel’s Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services division has two facilities, one located in Sunderland, England and one in Burbank, California. Both of these locations feature technologically advanced, industrial scale ISO 7/ US 10,000 level clean rooms which meet the exacting standards of the aerospace industry.

Our rigorous cleaning process ensures compliance with the most stringent safety standards

The development of Haskel’s oxygen cleaning process was based on our decades of experience in the safe handling and usage of oxygen gas products. Haskel’s oxygen cleaning process was designed to serve the needs of a wide range of clients in industries where the expectations for health and safety standard compliance are extremely high. The process is as follows:

  1. All equipment is treated in an ultrasonic chemical bath to remove hydrocarbons.
  2. Demineralized water baths are used to remove chemical residue from the equipment.
  3. 99.99% pure, certified white spot nitrogen is applied to dry the equipment, then ultraviolet light is used to detect any remaining hydrocarbons.
  4. The process is repeated if contaminants are found.
  5. Where appropriate, a pressure test is conducted for systems requiring it.
  6. Equipment is processed through an airlock and double bagged.

For questions about the cleaning and maintenance of your oxygen gas boosters or system, contact a Haskel representative. Our knowledgeable team can advise you on the optimum maintenance schedule for your oxygen equipment and how to mitigate any related health and safety risks. Find your rep.