Serving Customers in Times of Crisis: Strengthening Our Supply Chain

In an 'always-on' global economy, we count on fast access to the supplies we need—in many cases, critical to the health and safety of our end customers. COVID-19 created an urgent need to scale up:

  • Hospital oxygen supply systems
  • Negative pressure isolation rooms 
  • Liquid and gas transfer for essential industries 

Amidst shutdowns, border closings, and global shortages across a broad range of materials, Haskel is proud of its international network of distributors and their commitment to their customers. Together, we’ve been a proven partner in the gas and liquid transfer supply chain, helping to meet some critical needs under pressure.

In New York, Airline Hydraulics was called on to support the possible rebuild of an O2 system that utilizes gas boosters to quickly refill O2 bottles. The system was supporting six NYC hospitals and their urgent need for ventilators during the peak of the COVID pandemic. The client refurbished the system themselves with guidance by Airline and support as needed.

In Canada, we were able to rush to Wainbee Limited two AGT-7/30 gas boosters for a nuclear power plant that supplied hospitals with O2 boosters as well. Quick turnaround was essential due to the urgency of refilling the medical cylinders and possible boarder shutdowns. 

These are not the first or last times our distributors have worked around the clock, hopped on a plane, or taken other extreme measures to help in an emergency rescue

Haskel has an extensive selection and training process to develop distributor partnerships that live up to our commitment for reliable equipment, expert guidance and whatever-it-takes customer support. 

Our application and product experts are always available to help troubleshoot or find right-fit equipment by phone, email, text and video. Our resource center has a number of tools to help keep you moving as well!