Advancing High-Pressure Safety Solutions for Aerospace

aviation ground support charging series

With flying being one of the most popular travel methods, the considerations and regulations regarding safety have become increasingly important. Before passengers step foot on an aircraft, manufacturers pay significant attention to the intricacies of air travel. To survive high altitudes and low atmospheric pressure, a pressurization system is put on all aircraft to assist passenger breathing. These pressurization systems constantly pump fresh, outside air into the airplane body allowing for safe and convenient air travel. Having a reliable pressurization system is crucial to the safety of the pilots and passengers on board, but what happens when pressure is compromised? Having reliable backup air is critical to the performance of the pilots, and safety of the passengers.

In the case of aviation emergencies, reliable pressurized oxygen cylinders are one of the most crucial on-board emergency equipment pieces. When you board a plane and hear the attendant remind you to “make sure to put on your mask before helping the person next to you,” you typically don’t think about where the oxygen is coming from. For emergencies while in the air, oxygen cylinders are used to slowly release oxygen through the masks, decreasing the chance Hypoxia – a condition in which the body is deprived of an adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level, causing organ damage and fainting. That is why oxygen masks fall from the ceiling in low oxygen situations. On military jets, the crew members breathe directly from oxygen gas cylinders for the entirety of their flights due to pressurization conditions of those particular aircraft.

Because of the critical role fully charged, in-flight oxygen cylinders play in the health and safety of passengers, it is vital that the crew can rely on the equipment that is supplied for those situations. It’s in those critical moments that Haskel’s commitment to providing products of the best quality and safety sets us apart when it comes to industry innovations.

Customized solutions for advanced aviation safety

Haskel has long been providing commercial airline companies and military aviation units around the world with the most reliable high-pressure gas and liquid transfer and pressurization solutions in the market. With a reputation of quality, Haskel takes pride in keeping passengers and crewmembers safe while flying. Haskel’s oxygen booster systems provide commercial and military planes with efficient, safe and economical oxygen handling.

Our engineers have developed solutions that meet or exceed the unique safety and functionality requirements of its customers. To support the needs of an Italian instrument manufacturer serving the aviation market, we built an oxygen booster system as part of a series of ground support carts supplied to a European airline for charging oxygen gas into life support systems.

In other cases, Haskel has supplied equipment for a number of aviation projects that play an integral role in safety and performance:

  • Back up oxygen supply for F-35 Joint Strike Fighter 
  • On-board inert gas generation system
  • Aircraft jacks for safe reliable lifting with air driven liquid pumps
  • Escape chutes, life rafts and emergency float inflation with self-powered gas boosters

Our ability to go customize product offerings while still providing the highest degree of safety available in the industry allows our customer to meet critical requirements. Haskel never compromises the quality or safety of our products, but we also believe in designing modifications that make desired outcomes possible. We blend safety and innovation in order to be the ideal partner.

Haskel provides a wide range of high-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic equipment for the defense and aerospace industries.

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