Improving Oxygen Gas Booster Safety: Haskel Introduces Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services Using its ISO 7/ US 10,000 Level Clean Rooms

Haskel’s commitment to safety has made us a leader in many industries and oxygen cleaning for our gas boosters and systems has been an important part of this commitment for more than four decades. Oxygen cleaning is critical to the safety of many applications because pure oxygen, is a volatile gas. Any contaminants such as oil or dirt can cause oxygen to combust during the gas boosting process when heat is generated.

Now Haskel is making Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services available to clients who understand and recognize the importance of oxygen hygiene and want to be proactive about the safety of their oxygen gas equipment.

About Haskel’s advanced oxygen cleaning facilities and services

Haskel uses its own oxygen cleaning facilities in Sunderland, England and Burbank, California, which feature industrial scale ISO 7/ US 10,000 level clean rooms, to clean and certify all of its oxygen gas boosters and systems. These facilities meet aerospace standards and are most frequently used for products that must meet the needs of clients in the military, aviation and automotive (e.g. Formula 1 racing) sectors.

Through Haskel’s Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services, highly trained clean room operators will examine each potential customer’s equipment to determine if it can be cleaned and certified, based on studies of dimensional drawings, circuit diagrams or by examining smaller pieces of equipment.

Haskel’s oxygen cleaning process includes:

  1. An ultrasonic chemical bath during which agitation removes the hydrocarbons on any surfaces of the equipment.
  2. Next, equipment is washed in demineralized water baths to remove any chemical residue.
  3. The equipment is then dried with 99.99% pure, certified white spot nitrogen
  4. Following this step, an ultraviolet light is used to identify any hydrocarbons which may remain.
  5. If any contaminants are found, the process is repeated.
  6. The process is completed with pressure test parameters for any systems that must generate pressure.
  7. Equipment that has been cleaned is then passed through an airlock and double bagged to preserve oxygen cleanliness until it is received by the customer.

For additional peace of mind, all equipment and parts cleaned by the Haskel Aftermarket Oxygen Cleaning Services team in Haskel clean rooms are certified and are backed by Haskel’s 45 years of experience in the safe handling and usage of oxygen gas products.

If you have any questions about Haskel's oxygen cleaning service, contact us.

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