Meeting complex and distinct gas pressure testing challenges with proven reliability and performance

Haskel Gas Transfer & Pressurization solutions, set the industry standard for a high level of reliability, performance and engineering excellence. We meet the complex and distinct challenges of customers in industries such oil and gas, defense, aerospace, automotive, fluid power, and more.

applications aerospace

Haskel Applications in Aviation

Gas Transfer
Mixed Gas charging
Inflight cylinder charging – O2, N2 CO2 & He
Tire Inflation
Accumulator Charging
Landing Strut Charging
Fuel Tank Blanketing
High pressure gas testing of critical components

Military & Defense

Charging divers oxygen or Heliox tanks
Charging infrared missile cooling system
Charging Gun recoil Mechanism
Argon Cooling –Night Sights
Accumulator charging
Charging inflight pop float inflation cylinders

Oxygen charging of pilots emergency Bale out bottle.
Charging vehicle suspension systems
Charging Aircraft landing gear
Missile testing
Component test
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Oil & Gas

Helium Leak Detection
High pressure gas testing
Accumulator charging
Gas transfer
Air start system
Gas blanketing critical areas
Relief valve setting
Component testing
Valve actuation
Down Hole upstream pressure equalization


Accumulator charging
Air Bag cylinder fill
Refrigerant charging
Gas spring charging
Hose and component pressure testing
Leak testing
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Industrial Gases

Gas transfer
Gas storage
N2 blanketing
Mixed Gas Charging
Helium recovery
Nitrogen pressure testing/ leak testing
Supercritical extraction
Liquefied Gas Transfer
industries hydrogen

Hydrogen Service

Fuel stations
High pressure storage and transfer
Auto & lift truck refuelling
Fuel cell research
Pressure testing Fuel lines
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Fluid Power

Accumulator charging
gas booster system

Haskel Gas Boosters

Haskel gas boosters are the industry benchmark for durability, safety and reliability. Used for virtually all industrial gases and ideal for gas pressure increases, high pressure gas transference, cylinder charging, and scavenging.
ag 50 gas booster

Gas Boosters in Laser Cutting

Used for process enhancement at the point of use (i.e., produce a clean cut), the boosting of Assist Gases is where the Haskel Booster application exists.