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BuTech Spec Advances ANPT Standards by More than 80-Percent

BuTech has developed an ANPT spec for its pipe thread valves. The Butech ANTP Spec extends PSI tolerances by more than 80-percent (15K PSI versus 8K PSI) over the Aerospace NPT (ANTP) spec. The new BuTech Spec was created after a thorough research program that identified the ideal taper gage in the male/female set of fittings. By eliminating excessive truncation, and adjusting tap drills on the minor end, BuTech fittings engage in more turns (from 2.5 to 4), providing more surface contact, which results in a tighter fit that is rated up to 15,000 PSI.

The BuTech spec also features a specific thread insert that produces and maintains sharper threads to ensure the tightest seals between mating parts. The BuTech machining process creates a carefully controlled taper on the threads that maximizes surface contact area. As a result, filler material, such as Teflon tape is not required on the threads, which results in fewer parts, and a lower risk of contamination between the threads.

“The BuTech Spec and machining process not only produces valves and fittings that are certified for operation up to 15,000 PSI, but we also provide operators with access to our valve and fitting experts, to answer questions and share opinions regardless of whether the operator’s parts were made by BuTech,” states Haskel/BuTech’s Regional Sales Manager, Loy Reeder.

BuTech ANPT spec feature in Oil and Gas Australasia June

Tight Tolerance Threads Provide Reliable Fittings for Offshore Equipment Deployed in High-Pressure-High-Temperature Environments. To find out more, read the article published in Oil and Gas Australia.