Supporting the Small Satellite Launch Sector: How High-Pressure Products Play a Role

PLD Space

The small satellite launch industry is swiftly growing and Europe’s involvement is no exception. While venture capital has long been a part of the space launcher industry in the U.S. and Asia, the tremendous investment in Europe’s first microlauncher company, PLD Space based in Spain, represents the first of its kind in Europe. The company just recently closed a new funding round of 9 million euros, completing its Series A round of 17 million euros. Haskel has had the opportunity to work with PLD Space in order to support the company's goals.

Founded in 2011, PLD Space will use the latest influx of capital to begin manufacturing reusable rockets intended for launch in 2019. PLD Space will also be expanding its propulsion test facilities at Spain’s Teruel airport for continued testing of rocket engines and additional rocket research and development. Investors including GMV, Aciturri the ALZIS group, Aciturri and JME Venture Capital, have decided to participate in this new space sector by supporting PLD Space.

While the full operations of this project are taking place in Spain, PLD Space is relying on aerospace innovators across the globe to ensure that every component of their microlauncher is of the highest quality possible. This is why PLD Space chose Haskel as its high-pressure gas booster supplier. Haskel was built on a foundation of innovation over 70 years ago and space flight has been a focus of ours for many years. Already known as a trusted partner in the U.S. commercial space flight industry, Haskel is proud to be part of this project on the European stage as well.

PLD Space’s liquid fueled rocket engine technology requires high-pressure gas boosters that offer a high degree of control and reliability. The company’s two rockets, ARION 1 and ARION 2, will rely on this control to achieve the pressure levels necessary for flight and re-entry. ARION 1 is a sounding rocket for sub-orbital flights and the technology demonstrator of a larger vehicle; ARION 2 is a vehicle that will provide orbital launch services for microsatellites that require a dedicated launch vehicle.

Haskel is greatly anticipating the test launch of the ARION 1 in 2019 and the ARION 2 in 2021. Haskel engineers are always enthusiastic about space flight and playing a small part in the incredible work being done for the men and women at PLD Space is an honor.

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